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Traditional Advertising

Henry Ford is supposed to have said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

Generic advertising may offer good value for consumer goods, but we do not believe it is effective for investment or B-to-B advertising.

We have clearly identifiable target groups, special platforms and channels. Every euro invested should deliver a result – but the reality is often much different, of course. Wrong message, wrong target group, wrong environment – these are the most frequent mistakes.

There is always room for improvement. Let’s talk about it! Just give us a call on: +49 (0)89 89053 - 100.

Be consistent in your communication!

We are not limited to one specific communication channel. An Internet agency will always recommend a new web campaign to you, a direct marketing agency a direct campaign, a dentist a crown.

We cover all aspects of investment goods communication. Because we have mastered every tool, we can provide you with advice that integrates every aspect. Wherever you meet your customers – at trade fairs, online, via business mail, or through e-mail – we make sure that they always get the same image of your company.

Tools not toys

The world is mobile, your customers are mobile, your business is mobile – and your communication needs to be mobile, too. Ever since the invention of the smartphone, Bill Gates’ vision of “information at your fingertips” has become part of our daily lives. As such, mobile devices are a key element of our communication strategy for you. The range of possibilities is vast: An app that calculates fuel savings for a new hydraulic oil? A highly complex database that provides both your Sales department and your customers with all the product information they need, anytime and anywhere? Perhaps you want a mobile version of your website? Whatever you need – we create tools, not toys.

Your business is worth it!

Creating sales documents is a little bit like cutting your hair: You can always do it yourself, but that probably won’t give you the best result.

To a large extent, the investment goods are sold by means of personal selling. Your salespeople represent the company, and your success depends on their performance. Don’t leave them high and dry.

Presentations, brochures, sales aids, competition analysis, data sheets, reference applications – all these will help your Sales department to do its job.

Being well equipped also plays a huge role in making your arguments more persuasive. After all, you wouldn't send your sales representative to customer meetings on an old moped.

We have been developing business support strategies for over 30 years. Together we will define your argumentation strategies, identify the right media for you and, if required, write, create and program whatever you need.

A brochure cannot replace a salesperson – but it can offer valuable support, and will keep on selling long after your salesperson has gone home.

Design and value on the web // Websites by SK+P

Every good website for investment goods is an investment in itself – one that needs to pay off. SK+P websites advise, explain and initiate the sale. They take every customer a step forward, no matter what level of experience they have. They present a convincing and authentic image of your business and products. And no matter how complex the business and its role are, they are always strikingly simple and very user-friendly. We can offer you the full service, from conception and design through to wording the contents and the technical implementation. Our software specialists boast proficiency in all the latest technology, from Content Management Systems – preferably TYPO3 and WordPress – and shops through to complex database applications with interfaces to ERP systems such as SAP.

Animations by SK+P // Explain the best even better

Selling complex technical products is one tough contest – the contest for the best explanation. No matter how irresistible the benefits of the product are, they need to be understood in order for it to be a success. Words, images, photos, and even films are often not enough. Our 3D animations achieve the “I See!” effect within seconds – this is a major factor for the sales success of complex products. Animations from SK+P win the explanation contest – and customers.

All the data just a click away – anytime and anywhere

Frequently asked sales questions: Which product has which performance characteristics? Which versions can be delivered? What accessories are available? Are there any reference projects to demonstrate how it's used?

A web-based database provides the correct answers quickly and efficiently, and ensures they are up-to-date. Sales manuals become outdated overnight. Web solutions, however, are always current, ensure that powerful sales organizations have the right tools to hand, and of course offer support for mobile devices.

Easy to maintain and, thanks to web technology, accessible in every corner of the globe. The ideal information tool for both your own business and your customers.

We will help you with your design, definition of content, research methods, authorization concepts, interfaces to ERP systems, CRM systems, and much more – software and sales expertise under one roof.

We work with state-of-the-art development environments. We can also handle your hosting for you on request.

Across the board // Catalog expertise

The range of product catalogs extends from the linen-covered luxury edition to the simple, fully digital, database-driven publication that can be updated in seconds at the touch of a button. We have been carrying out single-source publishing, i.e. print, web and app from one data source, for many years. We have been covering the full range of catalogs in all its variety for four decades. There is almost no variation on the humble catalog that we have not yet produced. You can reap the benefits of this straight away during your consultation.