Pränatal Oberland: All-in-one business appearance package for a medical practice

A successful foundation in the midst of Corona crisis

For a medical practice, specialized in prenatal diagnosis by the name of “Pränatal Oberland”, SK+P developed a complete business appearance: the logo, the business papers and a warm and friendly picture language, directly connected to the practice location Hausham at the beautiful Schliersee.

Pränatal Oberland Logovarianten

Special attention was given to the website, also available as a mobile version, developed in close collaboration with the founder of the practice. A detailed contact form allows the patient to transfer, under privacy protection, all relevant data before the medical appointment. This leaves more time to the in-depth consultation between the pregnant women and the doctor.

Pränatal Oberland Terminvergabe

For the maternity log, stickers were developed, presenting all relevant pregnancy data at a glance – being of great help for the close cooperation between prenatal diagnostics and the mentoring gynaecologist.

The prescription pad for private patients and the post-it note pad must not be missing.

Pränatal Oberland Aufkleber

An acquaintance leaflet informs patients and referring doctors on the scope of services of Pränatal Oberland.

Pränatal Oberland Flyer