Krause & Mauser: 3D animation

The new PS MC – presented for the first time in 3D

It is almost impossible to demonstrate the complete functionality of a processing machine, its advantages over competing concepts and its manifold application possibilities via a single medium. The interior workings of these machines are too complex – not to mention that it's impossible to see what's going on inside, conventional print media is too inflexible, and a product video would be too time-consuming.

For EMO 2017, Krause & Mauser opted for a combination of 3D animation and video animation, and commissioned SK+P to present the new PS MC – an extremely modular and flexible machine tool.

In record time, a 3D animation was created using approx. 10,000 single objects, and no stone was left unturned. A truly impressive presentation video with animation and sound was spliced together from over 30 individual clips.

7 minutes and 37 seconds of captivating product presentation

Complete with sound!