Knorr-Bremse: 3D Animation

Shining a light on technical features

Knorr brakes are mainly characterized by their high durability and reliability. Yet they also offer innovative features – though these usually remain hidden away, despite often delivering decisive competitive advantages. You could explain them to a truck or axle manufacturer at painstaking length using design drawings – or you could simply invite your customers to watch them in action.

Based on real design data, SK+P built up the brake in 3D and then animated it in action. This clearly highlights the special design features and their benefits, making the customer's decision easier.

The ingenious way to specified clearance

All brake pads are subject to wear when used. To ensure that the braking distance remains constant, technical measures are employed to maintain the distance between brake and disc (clearance). The Knorr solution stands out thanks to its precision, durability and rapid, reliable repositioning following a change of pad and/or disc. The animation ensures that this brilliant design is unmistakable.