Kölsch: Full-Service

Growth for the processing specialists

Over the course of more than 30 years, the family company KÖLSCH has been consistently evolving. Despite this, it has always stayed true to its principles: providing every customer with the best machines and the best advice.

Mobile machines for processing mineral building materials were joined by solutions for crushing and classifying organic waste, wood and garbage, and later by wet processing systems and large, stationary installations. To communicate the new structure, a threefold, color-coded system was implemented.

With a barrage of trade fairs, machine displays, used machine displays and consistent PR work in all the relevant magazines, KÖLSCH utilized every option to promote the company on the market.

The resultant growth proves KÖLSCH right.


Diversity tamed

Thanks to the carefully selected machines, compact text sections and a focus on the essentials, anyone who simply flips through this brochure for a minute will know exactly who KÖLSCH is and what KÖLSCH can do.

A dealer – but a brand, too

KÖLSCH is a dealer with a portfolio of strong brands and machines. This is why each advertised product always takes center stage.

Nevertheless, with every measure it takes, SK+P makes certain that the sender is and remains unmistakably: KÖLSCH

At the end of the day – and at the end of the year.