The agency:
SK+P is a B-to-B advertising agency focusing on investment goods and services.

For 40 years, we have been helping our customers place their products on the market. We provide successful strategies, concepts and measures for products that earn money. We know the markets, the people and the products for which we work.

Investment goods are not an impulse purchase

The interest in investment goods is fundamentally driven by a need for investment. The question of which product best meets this need usually comes under close scrutiny. After a wealth of criteria have been considered, the product that is expected to achieve the best cost-benefit ratio is selected. Effective investment advertising defines the decision-making criteria and demonstrates the product benefits within these criteria. Don't try to keep up with your competitors – stay ahead of the market.

Products that earn money

Whether you're selling detergent, perfume, or beer, the message is always the same: Buy and be happy! For investment goods, however, the message is complex and differs widely. Investment decisions are usually made by the buying team. Our communication helps to target decision-makers at all investment-related stages and phases. We do this using all the relevant communication channels. We have developed an efficient tool to help us in this task: the communications matrix.

The way to the head is through the heart

Every decision-maker is a person, in varying positions with individual decision-making criteria. As such, B-to-B advertising it about more than just rational arguments. Technicians, controllers and managing directors want to be addressed emotionally as well, so long as objectivity is not lost. The trick is to combine the right arguments with emotion.

SK+P advertising moves people.