Brembo: Brand Campaign

Relaunch of a strong brand

Brembo, the world-renowned Italian manufacturer of automotive brake systems, is also a brand well-known and loved by German car and motorbike drivers. When it comes to motor sports, Formula 1 and almost all motorcycle races, Brembo brakes the best. OEM business was running well, but the aftermarket was stalling. Sales figures in the spare parts sector were weak, as competitors offering cheaper products from the Far East – together with aggressive, indiscriminate bundling by full-range suppliers – were causing Brembo's share of the market to fall.

A twofold turnaround was required:
For the workshops.
For the consumers.


The agency’s approach

A push-pull strategy was employed. Independent workshops were flooded with information and positive Brembo news, and thus encouraged to increase their requests for Brembo products, even in regions where they were not available. This applied pressure on sales channels, and predominantly on wholesalers. Workshops received free advertising material to place at the POS and in customer waiting rooms. At major nationwide aftermarket trade fairs, Brembo increasingly targeted the independent workshop market – as wholesalers would have been quick to notice.

Getting the market to talk

Competitions, prize draws, video games and questionnaire campaigns all provide first-hand information, and expensive driver training sessions at the Nürburgring impress grand prize winners and workshop owners most of all. They all get first-hand experience of the fascinating world of Brembo. SK+P sent out numerous postal and digital mailshots, and attended and ran campaigns at trade fairs in an effort to build relationships with those German automobile workshops responsible for making their own purchasing decisions with regard to brake components. This made it possible to gradually – and with the consent of the workshops – collect information that had not previously been generally known, and was ultimately exclusively available to Brembo. This information was collated in a customized database, designed by SK+P and maintained and hosted by the agency over a period of several years.

The result

Knowledge of the market and the lively demand triggered and documented by these measures have strengthened Brembo’s bargaining power in negotiations with wholesalers. Furthermore, new and innovative packages (brakes and pads) and an in-house brake pad program are supporting Brembo’s strong comeback in the aftermarket – a comeback initiated by marketing communication and achieved without resorting to low-cost solutions.