Marketing communication for investment goods and services

For 40 years, we have been helping our customers place their products on the market. We provide successful strategies, concepts and measures for products that earn money. Our customers value our knowledge of markets, people and products.

Investment goods are not an impulse purchase

People who buy investment goods do not want to be influenced by their emotions. They are looking for the best cost-benefit ratio in objective terms. SK+P knows the best way to convey and present decisive arguments via decisive media to decisive people, allowing any type of investment good or service to reach its full persuasive potential.

A systematic path to success

People buying investment goods rarely work alone: There is an interplay of numerous investment-related levels and stages. We systematically analyze the decision-making processes that are crucial for each given product or service. Together with our customers, we develop a coherent overall concept.

The way to the head is through the heart

Even technicians, controllers and managing directors in the dry field of investment are more accessible when they are addressed emotionally, so long as objectivity is not lost. We combine the right arguments with emotion to create a harmonious whole.

First the emotion, then the success.