Aerotech Peissenberg: Website Relaunch

Tailwind for a market leader: From Peissenberg out across the world

Aerotech Peissenberg manufactures components for aircraft engines, including rotating discs, rings and flanges, all at the highest safety level. Very few companies can keep pace in the very top tier of the machining world. Aerotech Peissenberg is extremely successful, and is recording growth well above the industry average. However, their online presence came across as old-fashioned, and the website was not accessible on mobile devices. SK+P was awarded the contract for a relaunch.

In addition to this, we were also tasked with designing a new promotional gift that reflected the multifaceted nature and high quality of the company.

The magic cube

Aerotech Peissenberg combines several competitive advantages, so we wanted to find something that showed this in a surprising way and would earn its spot on the desk of industry decision-makers. The durable, beautifully finished magic cube is held closed by means of tiny magnets, but reveals its secret in an instant – and never ceases to appeal to people's instinct to play.

Selection, concept, design, text and production by SK+P.